YOGA FOR LIFEbased on gentle hatha yoga principles

Practice yoga in your own home with us!


Wouldn’t it feel so wonderful to rise out of bed each morning, not feeling so stiff and sore! Do your hips sometimes ache, your back feel weak or your knees and shoulders sing that sad song of sorrow that seems to creep up with the years? And wouldn’t it be so nice not to feel resigned to the effects of getting older!

There is a healthy, sustainable and gentle way to reduce those symptoms of “coming of age”, including reducing the symptoms of ageing-related illnesses such as Arthritis and Parkinsons.

The prescription is a regular Yoga for Life practice (based on Gentle Hatha Yoga principles), specific to addressing these issues. In my class, we work with reconnecting mind, body and spirit through mindful breathing and gentle poses, designed to increase ease of movement, reduce pain and bring a feeling of calm to every day living.

BUT don’t let the name of the class fool you!  This type of yoga practice is for all ages, all levels, size or condition. Yoga is an individual practice with no competition, no need to impress and absolutely no need to put pressure on yourself.  This Yoga for Life class has a wide variety of ages and genders and all feel the immense benefit of the type of work we do in our practice.

Bone loss begins in our latter 20s but it is never too early OR too late to take charge of our health. In this class, I will guide you through a gentle application of yoga that helps build bone density through simple, comfortable and safe poses (asanas) that gently increase strength and flexibility. By gently strengthening the core muscles and legs, this leads to more flexibility in legs and shoulders and helps prevent back and hip pain.  Each week, we work on increasing space between tense joints and muscles, thereby reducing inflammation that can cause pain and stiffness while bringing vitality and energy to our everyday activities. And each class also touches on some simple balance postures which help reduce the risk of fractures and falls, calms the body and mind and builds confidence in our day to day living. I also include a component of relaxation and breath work, both key factors in improving sleep patterns, reducing anxiety and bringing an overall sense of well-being and calm.

There is no need for experience or any specific level of fitness. This class is designed for all levels but is of particular benefit to those approaching or already in middle and senior years. If you are new to yoga, this is the class for you – age or condition does not matter! The only requirement is to take this time for yourself and discover there is a way to feel better – naturally and gently. Stay strong, Stay healthy…for Life!

I look forward to being a part of your path to renewed vitality!



Chakra Balance 

513px-Yoga_all_chakras_and_chakraserpent What is the Chakra system?  Chakras are the vortexes of energy that radiate the colours of the rainbow.  In their unified state, these colours blend into one white light.  There are 7 Chakras and they consist of pure energy, vibrating as they open and close. They exchange information and energy constantly.  Working with the Chakras helps bring our awareness to our energy flow and helps balance our health.

This Chakra Series of 7 classes will explore one Chakra in each class through Yoga poses that specifically target that energy centre. The 7th class also brings all of the Chakras together in one energetic and flowing sequence. This series is informative, fun and energizing and will leave the yoga student with a more open consciousness, a delightful feeling of peace and balance and a newly vibrant awareness of body, mind and spirit – as one energy. Suitable for all levels.

Watch for Updates for the next chakra series!

CHAIR YOGA – UPDATE: Please note all private and chair yoga is currently postponed due to the pandemic-related social distancing protocols. Zoom classes are available always!


1.Ausstrecken3Watching my Dad, at age 90, walk slowly around his living room while swinging some 2 lb weights, gave me such inspiration that one should never give up trying to maintain their health.  I am happy to offer in-home private yoga classes as well as to group residents in all types of senior care facilities.

Depression, anxiety and boredom can have a detrimental effect on a senior’s life, reducing the quality of their days and increasing their feeling of deterioration.  A gentle and easy, yet effective yoga class done while sitting on a chair (works well for wheelchair bound as well), stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the effects of ageing-related diseases and increasing the happiness and quality of life of someone who perhaps needs something to look forward to each week.  Some mindful breaths, easy circulation-encouraging movements for arms and legs and lots of smiles  will bring  joy, more restful sleep, less pain and a reason to look forward to each day.