Ayurveda One-On-One Guidance

Creative Space Yoga and Ayurveda

Wanda Lambeth, E-RYT

Ayurveda Yoga Teacher

There is a deep sense of satisfaction and joy in knowing you can trust your intuition and in reclaiming your own health……especially in these times.  This is how we all want to feel.  Begin by asking yourself a few soul-searching questions:

  1. Are you ready for real change in how you have been looking at your own state of health?
  2. Are you ready and willing to commit to putting in the time and looking honestly at where you may be setting up your own road blocks to optimal health?
  3. Is there something about Ayurveda that lights a spark of interest and excitement for you?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, or even a tentative maybe, this is the message – the time – for you to take that first step toward mastering the rest of your own life through the wisdom of Ayurveda. 

I don’t have all the answers and there is no quick fix.  I wish there was but there isn’t.  However, there are things we can do that truly begin to feel like common sense and we notice we are finally coming home to ourselves – mentally, emotionally and physically.  Sometimes we just need that guiding hand to get us there.

This is where I come in.

Together, we will explore our true selves and what our unique individuality needs to thrive, not just survive. We will do this using the ancient, holistic and time-proven principles of Ayurveda as our tools to help build a better, healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

Learning the basics of Ayurveda through a group setting is fantastic.  One-on-one goes deeper, is more uniquely tailored, and full attention can be paid to the individual.  What you will receive in your one-on-one consultation time:

  • Guided assistance in determining your dosha through exploring natural state of health versus current state of health
  • Dietary recommendations as part of your journey back to your natural state of health
  • Lifestyle recommendations: establishing daily healthy routines & active lifestyle choices
  • Optional weekly follow-ups based on the length of the program you choose

*Ideally, you will have completed the Ayurveda Transformation Workshop series with me however this is not a pre-requisite.

My qualifications:

I have over 1500 hours of Yoga teaching experience and 300 hours of training in various yoga styles such as Hatha, Trauma informed, Chair, Restorative and most recently, Ayurveda Yoga Teacher certification.  The Ayurveda Yoga Teacher training allows me to:

  • Provide guided assistance in determining dosha (body/mind constitution) through the use of Ayurvedic tools & exploration of past & current health states
  • Recommend dosha-appropriate nutritional choices and help in establishing healthy practices
  • Design and lead holistic yoga classes and workshops that include breath, mudra, mantra and meditation practices in group or individual settings
  • Create personalized programs of Ayurveda lifestyle recommendations in one-on-one consultations

What I do NOT do as an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher is:

  • Diagnose medical conditions
  • Prescribe herbal remedies or treatments

Note: If you have medical conditions that require a professional diagnosis, and you are interested in pursuing an in-depth Ayurvedic modality, I encourage you to please contact an Ayurvedic Practitioner or Ayurvedic Doctor.

We all want to work our way toward Perfect Health. As an Ayurveda Yoga Teacher, I am a lifelong learner and continue to embody the authentic wisdom and teachings of this incredible 5000 year old practice.  I feel inspired and excited to be able to share this learning with you as we work together. I like to think of us as “partners in progress”, with my method being one of guiding with kindness, collaboration and non-judgment while providing the tools, and allowing you to absorb and learn at your own pace and in your own manner.

There are two options for one-on-one coaching in Ayurvedic Health and Yoga.  The full 8 week package is fully comprehensive and the 4 week package is for those with a limited time schedule.

Options for One-On-One Packages are as follows:  please note all consultations are currently virtual only

Option One : 8 Week Full Program

Week 1: 75 minutes

  • Initial intake completion & goal setting
  • Dosha (body/mind type) quiz in detail
  • Raising awareness in food consumption and current lifestyle habits

Week 2: 60 minutes

  • Review progress of awareness
  • The 4 states of digestion – which one are you?
  • Nutritional modifications & Qualities
  • Dinacharya (daily routines) embodiment

Week 3:  60 minutes

  • Review progress of nutrition and Dinacharya
  • Your dosha and your yoga + (Sadhana)
  • 40 minute yoga practice #1 with Pranayama (breath) & meditation*

Week 4:  60 minutes

  • Review dosha excesses
  • More nutrition & consumption
  • 40 minute yoga practice #2 with Pranayama (breath) & meditation*

Weeks 5 to 8:  30 minutes each week

  • Weekly check-ins with goal re-establishing, questions and collaborative discussions to encourage and enhance your progress toward your own deepening understanding of Ayurveda and how to anchor-in your healthy practices.

$399 plus GST  (Two payment plan available).

Option 2 : 4 Week Program

Week 1: 75 minutes

  • Initial intake completion & goal setting
  • Dosha (body/mind type) quiz in detail
  • Raising awareness in food consumption and current lifestyle habits

Week 2: 60 minutes

  • Review progress of awareness
  • Nutritional modifications & Qualities
  • Dinacharya (daily routines) embodiment

Week 3: 60 minutes

  • Review progress of nutrition and Dinacharya
  • Your dosha and your yoga + (Sadhana)
  • 30 minute yoga & Pranayama (breath) practice*

Week 4: 60 minutes

  • Re-establish goals
  • Final review of nutritional and daily practices
  • 15 minute meditation practice

*The Week 3 individually designed yoga and Pranayama practice will be recorded with your own private url link to my YouTube channel for your unlimited use.

Total investment for 4 week package:

$269 plus GST

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions at all – that is what I’m here for! creativespaceyoga8@shaw.ca

Not sure this is for you? Please email me to set up a FREE 15 minute chat via Zoom where I can ask you a few questions and help you determine if this path will help you meet your goals.

There is an immense sense of freedom that comes when we take that first step and begin to understand how we are orchestrating our own symphony of life.


The world has changed dramatically over the past several months and we are all learning to adjust to new ways to keep creating our lives and being the best we can be.  One of the beautiful ways we have discovered to stay connected with family and friends and keep our work lives going, is through ZOOM, virtual learning and visiting.  Yoga For Life is embracing the new virtual method and students are creating sacred spaces in their own homes, loving the ability to continue their yoga practice as well as stay in touch with the yogi community.  I’m so blessed and honoured to be able to provide this. 

Join us for ZOOM Yoga For Life practices from anywhere in the world!!

When:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 10-11 a.m. PST AND Monday and Wednesday evenings 6-7 p.m.

Cost:  $10 per class, payable via e-transfer to creativespaceyoga8@gmail.com.  Punch cards are available in a 10 pack or 20 pack i.e. $100 for 10 classes and $200 for 20. The “punch cards” never expire and they are kept track of in a drop-in basis so you are not committed to any one class time.

This is an all levels practice, with plenty of ways to learn new yoga for newcomers and also opportunities to challenge yourselves for experienced yogis.  We have fun – we learn – we gain strength and flexibility – we make friends.  WE JUST FEEL SO GOOD!!  Please email me at creativespaceyoga8@gmail.com for more info.  Blessings and Namaste.

Upcoming In-Person Yoga Classes


COVID-19 UPDATE!!  ALL in-person classes are currently on hold for my program Yoga For Life.  We will revisit in the Fall of 2021.  In the meantime, Yoga For Life practices are available via ZOOM 5 times a week.  Please contact me for more info.

 Yoga For Life – ongoing classes year-round!

This Hatha-based Yoga For Life practice is an achievable and sustainable yoga for all, focusing on building bone density and improving strength and balance through guided, progressive and enjoyable poses. Key to living actively and healthy throughout our years, the combination of strong, stable bones and muscles ensures quality of life, peace of mind and enjoyment of daily activities. Through this yoga practice we will build our universal natural-healing system and make long term, positive changes for our health, relationships and our world.



To register for any of these classes – online here or call the Panorama Rec Centre at (250)656-7271

Studio, Private In-Home and Residence Classes

Yoga for life


PRIVATE CLASSES – currently not offering private classes due to covid-19 safety protocols.

In home private classes for 40+ Yoga for Life, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga For Bone Density and Balance and Chair Yoga are $55 per hour ($80 for two people so invite a friend!) Includes taxes.  Classes are one hour in length and can be chair yoga or on mat, depending on individual preference and abilities.  Payment can be made directly to creativespaceyoga8@gmail.com through email transfer or in person prior to the class.

* Please use my contact form for more information and to register.

GROUP CLASSES – RETIREMENT RESIDENCES – currently not offering chair yoga due to covid-19 safety protocols and the vulnerability of our loved ones in senior residences.

Group classes can be tailored to fit the needs of the level of activity suitable for the majority of residents.  A happy, energetic and fun class that brings smiles, some well-being and the camaraderie of doing this very gentle type of yoga, typically in a chair, can produce some wonderful results!  All of the simple poses are therapeutic-based, easy to do for all levels, and the only participation required can be as minimally involved as just enjoying the energy while sitting and observing.  Fees start at $40 for a 30 min class, $45 for a 45 min class and $55 for a one hour class.

*Please use my contact form for more information.