Studio, Private In-Home and Residence Classes

Yoga for life


PRIVATE CLASSES – currently not offering private classes due to covid-19 safety protocols.

In home private classes for 40+ Yoga for Life, Yoga for Arthritis, Yoga For Bone Density and Balance and Chair Yoga are $55 per hour ($80 for two people so invite a friend!) Includes taxes.  Classes are one hour in length and can be chair yoga or on mat, depending on individual preference and abilities.  Payment can be made directly to through email transfer or in person prior to the class.

* Please use my contact form for more information and to register.

GROUP CLASSES – RETIREMENT RESIDENCES – currently not offering chair yoga due to covid-19 safety protocols and the vulnerability of our loved ones in senior residences.

Group classes can be tailored to fit the needs of the level of activity suitable for the majority of residents.  A happy, energetic and fun class that brings smiles, some well-being and the camaraderie of doing this very gentle type of yoga, typically in a chair, can produce some wonderful results!  All of the simple poses are therapeutic-based, easy to do for all levels, and the only participation required can be as minimally involved as just enjoying the energy while sitting and observing.  Fees start at $40 for a 30 min class, $45 for a 45 min class and $55 for a one hour class.

*Please use my contact form for more information.

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